06/15/1958 K'ung Ling-chung (Kong Ling-zhong) Xxxx, P.S.S.
(b. in 19xx; d. in 1978).
Ordained a priest on xx/xx/19xx at xxxx

  1. by Msgr. xxxx,
    Roman Catholic Bishop of xxxx (xxxx) in xxxx (xxxx).

Consecrated a bishop on 06/15/1958 at Hsiang-yang (Xiang-yang) in Hu-pei (Hu-bei) [or 01/24/1962 at Pei-ching (Bei-ching) in Ho-pei (He-bei)

  1. by Msgr. I Hsüan-hua (Yi Xuan-hua) Francis,
    Roman Catholic Bishop of Hsiang-yang (Xiang-yang) in Hu-pei (Hu-bei).

Msgr. K'ung was Patriotic Archbishop of K'un-ming (Kun-ming) in Yün-nan (Yun-nan).