YÜ PIN, Paul (1901-1978)

Birth. April 13, 1901, Hai-lun, vicariate apostolic of Kirin, Heilungkinang, Machuria, China.

Baptized in 1914.

Education. Aurora University, Shanghai; Pontifical Urbanian Athenaeum "De Propaganda Fide," Rome; Pontifical Roman Athenaem S. Apollinare, Rome; Royal University, Perugia; Seminary of Kirin, Kirin.

Priesthood. Ordained, December 22, 1928, Rome.

Faculty member of Pontifical Urbanian Athenaeum "De Propaganda Fide," 1929-1933.

National director of Catholic Action and inspector general of Catholic Schools in China, 1933-1936.

Episcopate. Elected titular bishop of Sozusa di Palestina and appointed vicar apostolic of Nanking, July 17, 1936.

Consecrated, September 20, 1936, Peiping, by Mario Zanin, titular archbishop of Traianopoli di Rodope, apostolic delegate in China.

Promoted to metropoliton see of Nanking when vicariate was elevated to metropolitan rank, April 11, 1946.

Expelled from see by Communist regime, 1949.

Rector magnifico of Fujen University, Taiwan, 1961.

Attended II Vatican Council, 1962-1965.

Cardinal. Created cardinal priest, April 28, 1969; received red biretta and title of Gesù; Divin Lavoratore, April 30, 1969.

Resigned rectorship and named grand chancellor, August 5, 1978.

Death. August 16, 1978, Rome. Buried, metropolitan cathedral, Taipeh, Formosa.