.........10/31/1998 David John Doyle

10/31/1998 David John Doyle (b. in 1951; still living).
......e-mail address: Bishopdoyl@aol.com

Ordained a priest on 05/26/1978 at xxxxx at Dubuque, Iowa,

  1. by Msgr. James J. Byrne, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa.

Consecrated a bishop on 10/31/1998 at Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  1. by James Alan Wilkowski , a bishop of the Independent Holy Catholic Church,
  2. assisted by Mark Steven Shirey Shirilau, the archbishop and Primate of the Ecumenical Catholic Church,
  3. by Richard Gundry, an archbishop of the Antiochan Catholic Church,
  4. by Clifford Kroski, a bishop of the Antiochan Catholic Church,
  5. and by Orlando Trujillo, a bishop of the Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada

Bp. Doyle is the Bishop of the Southwest of the Independent Evangelical Catholic Church in America.

[No known consecrations]

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