.......... 04/06/1997 Joseph A. Grenier


04/06/1997 Joseph A. Grenier (b. in 1931; still living).
......e-mail address: BishopJoeG@aol.com

Ordained a Roman Catholic priest on 12/20/1958 at Rome, Italy,

  1. by Msgr. xxxx, the Roman Catholic Bishop of xxxxx. He left the priesthood in 1980 in order to marry. He left the Roman Catholic Church in 1996.

Consecrated a bishop for the Celtic Christian Communion (now the Celtic Christian Church) on 04/06/1997 at xxxxx,

  1. by Ivan B. MacKillop, the Presiding Bishop of the Church of the Culdees,
  2. assisted by Raymond Francis Kelly, SSF, a bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America,
  3. and by Armand Constantine Whitehead, a bishop of the United Old Catholic Church.

.Bp. Grenier is the Bishop of the Celtic Christian Church.

[No known consecrations]

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