..... 09/24/1983 Carey Leopold Presson
..........1) 04/13/1985 Denis Mary Michel Garrison


09/24/1983 Carey Leopold Presson ( b. in 1948; d. in 19xx).
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Ordained a priest on 01/16/1982 at xxxx

  1. by Charles David Luther, a bishop of theWestern Orthodox Church in America..

Consecrated a bishop on 09/24/1983 at Washington, DC,

  1. by Justo Roque Gonzalez-Trimino, a bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (Patriarchate of Brazil),
  2. assisted by Joseph Ofton, a bishop of xxxx
  3. and by Walter Dobrinsky, a bishop of xxxx.

Bp. Presson has consecrated as bishops:

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