Shown above is the altarpiece The Miracles of St. Ignatius of Loyola
painted in 1617-18 by Peter Paul Rubens and placed over the high altar
in the Jesuit (now St. Charles Borromeo) Church of Antwerp, Belgium.
St. Ignatius Loyola is depicted giving a blessing while saying Mass.
Alongside him in the sanctuary and at the top of the altar steps
are portrayed the nine other original Jesuits (nearest to him being St. Francis Xavier)
all of whom went with Ignatius to Rome in 1538
to obtain permission from Pope Paul III for the founding of the Society of Jesus.
In the painting's foreground,
on the laity's side of the communion rail,
are portrayed all the people whom St. Ignatius cured or saved in his lifetime
(as related in the Vita Ignatii Loiolae Societatis Iesu fundatoris
that was written by Fr. Pedro Ribadineira, S.J.,
and first published in 1572).
The original painting was in 1776 removed from Antwerp to Vienna
and is now in the Gemäldegalerie of the Kunsthistorisches Museum (inv. 517).

The Georgetown Ignatian Society is a lay advocacy group
formed to bring Georgetown University and Holy Trinity Parish
back to their Catholic and Jesuit identities.

Ann (Mrs. Edward) Sheridan
is the foundress and president
of the Georgetown Ignatian Society;
and also the foundress and Mother Abbess
(and, to date, sole member)
of the "Order of Divine Wrath"
[not yet in receipt of episcopal approval],
a special endeavor to foster greater appreciation,
particularly among some Jesuits,
of that much neglected Gift of the Holy Ghost,
"fear of the Lord."

Above is Ann Sheridan' Crest,
displaying her motto,
which translates as
"I have crozier,
I know how to impale"


Ann Sheridan at work


[N.B. Terrence J. Boyle is not a member
of The Georgetown Ignatian Society,
but he is often an admirer of Ann Sheridan's prose style
and always an admirer of her commitment
to the restoration of GU to Catholicism]



Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University's greatest teacher,
wrote in 1967 a penetrating essay on the school's
abandonment of its Catholic identity
"Is Georgetown University Committing 'Suicide'?"


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