Petition for Relief from Liturgical Abuse
submitted to the Archbishop of Washington
by certain members of Holy Trinity Parish of Georgetown

Letters from the Pastor of Holy Trinity Parish
to the Archdiocese of Washington regarding allegations of liturgical abuses


I hope soon to be able to post here
the texts of both the Petition and the Pastor's Letters.


[One of the most troubling aspects of Church governance
is the pervasive secracy and unaccountability
on the part of decision makers.

In this instance, a formal canon law "denunciation" of the Parish
was filed with the Archbishop,
who then started an investigatory proceeding
that led to a 9-page letter critical of Holy Trinity Parish.
Yet no copy of that 50+ page "denunciation"
was ever shown to the Pastor or other leaders
of Holy Trinity Parish.

Similarly, the Pastor in defending the Parish's practices
has sent to the Archdiocese several detailed letters
explaining and defending
the liturgical practices of Holy Trinity Parish.
Yet, copies of these letters have also never been shown
to the parishioners of Holy Trinity.

And the irony is that the word "liturgy"
comes from the Greek for "public act."